Systematic Racism – Not Really a Problem

Systematic Racism  – Not Really a Problem

This seems to be the trend now to blame statistical inequalities on something called unconscious bias. For those who don’t know unconscious bias , is the idea that everyone is racist due to their subconscious thoughts .Yes that is exactly as absurd as it sounds. So then we must ask ourselves , why do some have better opportunity than others ? 

The answer is not racism , in fact many racist situations and policies have been reversed to favor people of color. Income bias is the real issue at hand. As a practical example , let’s pretend two people are at a job interview. In most cases people without a higher income upbringing will have worse clothes or may not have a vehicle ; especially a reliable one. Their credit score may be bad which effects their ability to be hired. Due to not having the money to play sports in high school or the tools to pickup a trade, other options are less likely for them. Studies show that people in these upbringings are more likely to commit crimes or be exposed to abuse and drugs.None of these things are easy to overcome and many lack the opportunity or drive to do so. Meanwhile the other person with nice clothes and the reliable vehicle would have a significantly higher chance of appearing to be successful, even tho their upbringing provided these things for them.

How can we fix this ? By providing more useful public schooling and opportunity for assessment of students potential career skills , this could allow for more people to have access to trade equipment or learn skills, that their upbringings would otherwise be unable to provide. In addition a report or aptitude test would allow them to share the results with companies and develop job or further training opportunities for these people . Also companies providing transportation or dropping requirements such as credit scores from their work requirements would allow for more people to seek work.

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