Covid – 19 Excuse for Wisconsin Fraud

Covid – 19 The Excuse For Wisconsin

Dan O’Donnel raised some very concerning cases of abusive tactics used to bolster Democratic votes.

Adults from assisted living homes where being mistreated. Nursing home staff where taking residents ballots and filling them out for them or forcing them to fill them out for the Democratic Party. Various accounts of adults completely incapable – both physically and mentally are having their votes cast.

Due to Covid-19 the officers that normally assist handicapped individuals with filling out their ballots but due to Covid Restrictions it was determined that these voting deputies where not allowed to visit so staff stepped in to “assist them”. In addition claims that the Biden campaign setup ballot drop boxes all over Madison WI. Voters where not required to present ID as required by WI state law.

Senator Miller claims , there is no proof of voter fraud , asks the hearing to go under oath to which the legislator answered it was not necessary despite his disruptive requests. As currently the WI Supreme Court is not enforcing these policies. He also claims the 2016 election was tampered with but the 2020 is the most secure despite numerous claims and evidence that at the very least raise concerns.State statues have not been followed.Observers where not able to see through the plexiglass dividers , because of this they tried to use their phones which was determined not allowed by the WI Supreme Court. How can they observe when they can’t see what they are supposed to observe.

Attorney Michael Dean attempted to match ballots to the ballot application in order to verify the results to which he was essentially denied due to being given ballot envelopes instead of applications.He also points out something very important , you cannot prove something without an investigation but you cannot get an investigation without a hearing. He also presented exhibits showing concerns about the ability of the Dominion voting machines.

Ken Dragotta an election observer in Milwaukee WI for 20 years. He claims this year was unprecedented with the blatant ignorance of state statues and strong liberal bias. Those who where raising concerns about ballots through observations here being harassed and intimidated to prevent them for challenging the ballots. The excuse of indefinite confinement is not applicable to Covid , it is merely being used to bypass ID requirements. Ballots accepted in the recount without election official initials.

Following his testimony senator Miller left in addition to Representative Sprizer.

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