YouTube Removing Voter Fraud Claims

YouTube Removing Voter Fraud Claims

YouTube has changed their policies declaring the removal of videos involving voter fraud or errors.

As anyone who has spent time as YouTube will tell you , there is a rabbit hole effect. Before you realize it all of a sudden you are finding videos on many activities and subjects , such as drug use , children trafficking and many other things. So the fact YouTube is taking the initiative to remove claims still being evaluated is, unprecedented by the video service and clearly shows a bias.

If election accuracy is their concern , the 2016 election is still being shown by the Left as being tampered with by the Russians despite strong evidence it never occurred and after the investigation turn up 0 findings based on that . YouTube is still ripe with these video and even major news networks and figures are still citing Russian interference, despite literally no proof ,evidence , video , or testimony. That is a truly baseless claim.

Voice up your concerns about this censorship and the way these corporations are handling people’s voices. Show them this will not be tolerated through the use of peaceful protest , and boycotting their service.

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  1. The voicing is done. The cheating is a fact. We all know it. Our President needs the highest degree of protection as the scumbags will be on the loose. Please watch over him. We need him and he needs us.

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