Michigan Voter Fraud – Frightening Situation

Michigan Voter Fraud – Frightening Situation

The Michigan House and Senate held a hearing to hear the concerns of voter fraud.

In the mainstream media all accounts and witnesses are dismissed and either harassed or deemed incredible to fit their agenda. The TCF center is the main suspect of election fraud in this case. It’s good to be skeptical and to look for proof , these are serious claims being made after all. However there comes a point when this must be fully investigated. After watching the hearing , very serious concerns where brought to light.

After poll watchers where made to clear out when counting stopped , ballots where brought in and pulled out from under tables. This is on video , there is no maybe about this occurring. The amount estimated is at least 50,000 illegitimate ballots. In addition there are multiple accounts of counters re-scanning stacks and even votes being fabricated by Democrats. These votes are not able to be verified in the Poll book or the computer system.

Whether Republican or Democrat , this needs to be looked at very closely. Depending on how deep this runs , this could shake the country to it’s core. Investigations are pending.

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