Mainstream Media – The Backing Force of Voter Fraud

Mainstream Media – The Backing Force of Voter Fraud

Fear , Fear , and more Fear. This is what the mainstream media has become , a shitpile of extreme leftist agenda , and illogical fears about humanity and the state of our country. Amongst the many agendas they push , one main issue would explain the gigantic fraud and the motivation of people to do so.

Nearly every day ,Trump is trashed on with lies claiming racism and hate towards minorities and women.

Despite this narrative being continually pushed by the leftist media , Trump has done more for minorities than any president in modern times. He has setup college programs and funding for minorities and has not in anyway ever endorsed racist groups. In terms of the famous grabbing line , if you have ever seen the full context of the video , the situation and conversation that occurred is not so uncommon from what nearly every person,  man or women has said, or bragged about in their lifetime. This hardly backs any sort of discrimination or assault taking place.

Yet these trends continue in being represented to the population many of which believe they are truly against a rapist or nazi as Trump has been called. However it is easy to see many people believe this blindly because the leftist media continues this false narrative. People who believe these things would then develop a moral stance against Trump and see a divide where none exists. This is the real reason behind the hate and violence from the Left.

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