Covid – 19 : Why the Restriction are Against Your Rights

Covid – 19 : Why the Restriction are Against Your Rights

Wearing a mask and social distancing . Seems like a simple request. That’s all that is being asked of you..right?.

For a person who can work from home , or has some sort of income which they can still work , these statements are fairly true. For those however who cannot do so put themselves at risk of infection every day they work. For many this means , losing their business , losing their life’s work, not being able to say their final words to a relative. For others it means losing their homes , losing their utilities, losing everything they have worked for. Even more people are suffering from mental health issues , due to the high stress. That is what these lockdowns are providing.

 Our society is not setup to handle going without. We have forsaken the rights of people to grow food or livestock within urban communities , we have forsaken wood heat , we have forsaken the collection of water , and even forsaken having an outhouse. Even if you had all these things what about property taxes and mortgages owed on those homes. If people could self provide, much stress would be removed from their lives. Right now we are looking at returning to lifestyles worse off than cavemen.

The government only has money due to people working and providing for their expenditures, yet they are all paid well and live very comfortable lives .Without people to pay taxes and fund the government , who can provide anything to anyone ? If we keep going on this track and keep allowing this to happen , America will become a nation of homeless , starving people. This is not blame we can place on Trump or anyone else. This is the people’s fault for allowing this to happen. We have the right to see our loved ones, we have the right to travel , we have the right to live .

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