Arizona Hearing on Election Fraud: Facebook Censoring a Live Stream

Arizona Hearing on Election Fraud  : Facebook Censoring a Live Stream

The Trump campaign presented their case in Arizona yesterday. During this time there was numerous different pieces of voter fraud presented. 

1.    Direct manipulation of votes using Dominion software. 

2.    Dominion voter machines had been actively connected to the internet. 

3.    Malware was found on the Dominion server in Frankfurt, Germany. 

4.    More votes counted than can be processed in the amount of time they where added. 

5.    Votes being counted with default birthdate and gender. 

6.    Vulnerabilities found in every aspect of the vote counting machines. The memory cards can be easily manipulated to modify votes. 

7.    Poll watchers being kicked out of the building while counting was taking place. This lines up with the time of the huge injection of votes. 

Interesting Events 

Dominion closed offices and employees removed their Linked In pages. There is some speculation this is due to death threats to the company , however this claim in unfounded and would not usually require such a reaction.Public figures often receive death threats.

Facebook is censoring the live streams of the hearings. Many viewers took notice of a separate audio stream being played over the live broadcast. This did not happen on YouTube. The video will be uploaded to the soon to be Circuit Media Outlet YouTube Channel.

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