Trump 2020 : The Race isn’t Over

Trump 2020 : The Race isn’t Over

Election fraud is still showing up all over the country .

Mail in voting is one of the many issues at hand. This can be easily verified. Many people where sent multiple ballots and ballots sent to addresses in those who moved from different states. You would think that this would be double checked and fixed if need be. However this is not the case, recounts, such as in Georgia, did not verify signatures. This effectively means there was no verification if people’s votes are even valid. Someone else could have voted with your name in another state. There are reports of absentee ballots not being tracked properly , such as in Michigan where absentee status is not available.

Sidney Powell released hundreds of pages worth of evidence in respect to the election fraud in place.

Everything from poll watcher removal to tampering with the software has been covered. Even further , various statistical anomalies are shown to have occurred. One instance may not be enough to “flip” the election, however what can happen is if enough states become invalidated , this gets through a process leaving 1 electoral for each state. The majority of the US voted Republican so this would allow for a Trump victory.

The left media has covered up any reports of these. From social network censorship to mainstream reporting . Many of them even attack Trump on Twitter spamming his posts with their Fake News.

Do what you can to continue spreading information , we need to stop the censorship and lies perpetrated by the left’s socialist agenda.

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