Oregon – Legalizes Drugs but Pretends to Care about Public Health.

Oregon – Legalizes Drugs but Pretends Cares about Public Health

Over the last few weeks numerous states and governors have pushed orders to not celebrate or meetup with families. Oregon is the focus for today , given their glaring hypocrisy.

Oregon has, as of November 2020 , decriminalized hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Oregon Governor Kate Brown yet continues to encourage people to turn in their neighbors for celebrating Thanksgiving. In the United States 70,000 people according to the CDC, have died of drug overdoses in just 2017. This does not include drug related health complications , crimes, and other factors directly related to drug use. Nothing had been shut down or restricted because of this. These actions do not show good faith for public health but rather choices to increase the death tolls significantly for those in isolation or those with mental conditions more prone to drug use. In other words , the efforts to enforce these lock downs are a measure of power and control, not to improve people’s well being.

Oregon has also continued to allow rioting , and violent crimes to continues without repercussions. The only people being attacked legally are those who simply want time with their families. Perhaps it’s time to focus on real issues , like the mobs destroying your cities , rather than people eating turkey.

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  1. That’s why so many law enforcement officers are retiring early or quitting. They have to watch the results of this crap being legalized, yet they can’t defend their own lives without repercussions. Is the governor related to Kamala by any chance? She wants street sex legalized.


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