Left Politicians : Do as They Say Not as They do.

Left Politicians: Do as They Say Not as They do.

Don’t go to church , don’t go out , don’t associate. Do your part, you are fools if you do not.

Many people hear this message everyday. Virtue signaling about mask wearing is all over social media , and the mainstream media. Regardless of your stance on these issues ; practice what you preach.

What we have all been treated to by the leftist governors , and even the house speaker. Well they needed to celebrate, or they made a mistake , or they had to have their hair done. Lori Lightfoot for example , used her appearance on tv to justify her visiting of a hair salon. Now out of anyone pushing this rhetoric , should those as public figures be showing they are going out, and violating their own rhetoric ? If they are concerned about the public health , do you not think they should first and foremost , show that they are following their own rules ?

Even some medical lobbyists in California where attending a birthday dinner. So this begs to question , either the situation is not as dangerous as they claim , or they simply don’t care. People are losing their jobs , houses, businesses , and way of life. Meanwhile these hypocrites go on to preach for the greater good , while they live comfortably with our tax dollars. Regardless of your political stance you should be seeing an issue here. Healing and unity ? All they have pushed is name calling , hate , opposition , and glaring hypocrisy.

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