BLM and ANTIFA – Domestic Terrorists or Peaceful Protesters

BLM and ANTIFA – Domestic Terrorists or Peaceful Protesters

ANTIFA or the Anti-Facist Movement , is a far left group. Claiming to be a leaderless group oriented towards attacking Capitalism.They view capitalism as a form of systematic racism , exploitation , and prefer socialism. While I think many of us can agree workers are indeed exploited , and that racists do exist ; especially in other countries. Some of their methods are very mislead and outright dangerous to citizens who are not to blame.

At it’s core ANTIFA stands for some good. However , with the current political atmosphere they are taking it upon themselves to label the president and his supporters as racists or supporters of white supremacy . Despite the entire lack of evidence this exists , they continues in the states to fight for this cause. Often times citizens that are not violent or white supremacy supporters, are treated as if they are. Their reason for violence is that it takes violence to fight violence. Despite this claim , they are often the ones to start violence towards others.

So where does BLM stand with all of this ? Well they fall into the same idea or philosophy , this is why both “groups” often fit together. The problem here is that somewhere along the line , they are supporting the very types of tactics and the side of politics Hitler used to take over Germany. These tactics are used by the Left on a daily basis. Through the control of media , speech ,and ideas the control of Germany was gained. The very thing ANTIFA is fighting against is the same thing they are enforcing. Trump has attributed much to the minority groups and has not moved to take away people’s freedom. Meanwhile the left pushes for government reliance ( otherwise known as socialism), suppression , and propaganda , the very same principles Hitler’s rule started on. We can first hand see the policies playing out on the left , such as curfews , mandatory masks , and lockdowns. If by chance a member of ANTIFA is reading this , I urge you to heavily look into the things going on around you. I don’t know a single Trump supporter who doesn’t believe in non suppression , fairness , and equal treatment.

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