American Civil War – How Likely is it ?

American Civil War – How Likely is it ?

Months and months of Lockdowns. Many people have lost their income , and way of life. Meanwhile costs of living go up. Due to the closure of schools and day care centers , many parents are left choosing between making a living and taking care of their child. Some of you may not understand the gravity of the that situation but it’s life changing. The government has done nothing to help the people. The only response we have seen , especially from the left, is to increase lockdowns and shut things down. This is now over reaching even into your homes.

Governor Cuomo , has encourages police to go door to door and ruin Thanksgiving celebrations. Many Sheriffs and other police have decided to not enforce these orders. At what point is the gross overreach into people’s lives enough ? Governor Cuomo seems to think police do not have the ability to choose what laws they will enforce. Officers do have that ability. In California they are pushing the same kid of rhetoric and people are starting to resist the orders. Whitmer in Michigan , has taken a similar approach.Let’s not even get into Oregon where all manner of hard drugs where legalized , and they push a lockdown.  

We as people face death everyday. Accidents , poor choices, and crime are all risk factors we face. At what point does pushing for safety over take the point of living in the first place ? Given the high survivability rate, this tactic seems to be more political in nature than actually necessary for people’s well being. People all over the country are taking to the streets or entertaining a form of protest against these unconstitutional tyrannical overreaches.

What will make the push ? The push being referred to is the stopping of tyranny and sadly if the Left continues to overreach into people’s lives and rights , a civil war will most likely be unavoidable. Let your voice be heard and do what you can to stop this now. Stop harassing those wearing or not wearing a mask , leave gatherings do their thing. Let people open their places of business and let people keep their guns.

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  1. Push is going to come to shove soon. Tax paying citizens are getting really fed up. And I don’t believe people are starving to the degree we are led to believe. They are accumulating boxes of food. Me brother could not get into a kitchen at one of his rental properties. 15 boxes of free food in the way. And she asked for help to put up her new 70″ TV. I don’t mind helping truly needy people, but it’s getting out of hand. Civil war might be the only solution. The government won’t solve anything. Number of police officers has dwindled; they aren’t allowed to protect themselves.

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