Gender Dysphoria: The Danger to Teenagers

Gender Dysphoria : The Danger to Teenagers

Recently the author Abigail Shrier has been targeted by various special interest groups and the victim of book burning. I encourage you to read the book , as like most things the Left has blown it way out of proportion. The information in this book in invaluable for those both looking to transition and parents who have concerns about the issue.

The questions revolved around gender transition vary in medical to social concern. Anyone who tries to study or question these processes is treated as a hateful person. As we all know, growing up can be a confusing time , many people especially teenagers are influenced by their friends an social trends. Many teens are using gender identity as a way to cope with other existing mental issues such as anxiety and depression.  

To talk about some of the concerns , very young teens are being allowed to pursue and take this medication without parental consent. The long term effects of taking things such as testosterone is medically unknown . As with any medication or treatment platform , it takes a very long time to prove effectiveness and all of the side effects to show up. Often women who decide to do this form of gender therapy experience a euphoria from the testosterone. It’s no different than a street drug that does the same thing. This leads to a temporary “cure” of anxiety and depression because the person feels more confident and stronger. In the same light this is why people who have those conditions often partake in drugs and alcohol.

If you are reading this and are considering or are in the process of undergoing conversion , ask adults who have gone through it. De-Transitioners is the collective term , and they exist all over the internet. The important thing for anyone feeling this way or looking to go into it. As with any big life choice , it’s important to get the facts and make sure it’s not just social pressure or another issue causing you to make this choice . Some people end up happy and others do not. Ask questions to both sides and see what conclusion you form. Transition is not a medically easy process. Many surgeries are required and it can cause permanent changes to your body.

Encourage your friends to be informed to, sometimes things seem like a really good idea at the time but later on not so much. This can be easily found out from pretty much every adult who has done something they regret or now think is very stupid. Given that it’s worth becoming informed so you don’t regret it later in life.

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