Election Fraud Updates : Where is the Kraken ?

Election Fraud Updates: What the Legacy Media has to say and Where is the Kraken!

The current message by most news outlets is still that of no election fraud , no evidence , and no court cases won.

They are right , at least in part. The main reason these claims have little bearing is due to the scale of the effect. A couple hundred or thousand votes in a presidential election is minimal damage in the scale of over throwing an election. However it has been stated the goal is to prove election fraud occurs and point out flaws in the system.

Some of the Evidence Currently in Play –

Dead Voters

Anonymous Voters ( In Michigan)

Multiple Ballots per Voter

Poll Watchers Blocked

“Misplaced” Memory Cards

Suspicious Counting Activity – Ballots being counted after counting stopped

Most of these claims, while true hold a small amount of impact defining the total votes. Now we hold onto our seats for the next week. If even a fraction of what Sidney Powell has stated is truthful , we will be seeing things unlike any other election in history. She has stated this evidence could be seen by the public as early as this week.

The next part of this article is speculation that while it seems convincing, needs to be vetted with time.

What we know for sure :

Dominion software engineers linked in pages deleted.

These systems can be very easily tampered with.

The Server for voting machines is stored in Frankfurt Germany

The Server and/or Communication Channels Was Infected With Malware

An Executive Order Was Signed Declaring Foreign Interference

The Army Seized the Server


Trump Won the Election 410 to Biden 128

 Digitally stored votes where altered on both memory card and server

Dominion founder promised Antifa Trump would not win the election.

Again the last bit is speculation , let’s see if the Kraken will be unleashed or will this become an ink blot on the Republican Party.

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