Racism in America – Right Under Your Nose

Racism in America – Right Under Your Nose

We are always hearing about racism in the news , normally we see small instances of bad police work or a situation in which some disturbed individuals attack a person of color. Does this really cover the scope of racism running rampant in our country ? 

To answer that question , no it doesn’t. There is a huge attack on a multitude of races everyday. You may know these races collectively as White. White people are always under attack , labeled racist , and treated unfairly inside of the culture of the US .

Certain things exist , Black History Month, Historically Black Colleges , diversity employment ratios , special grants and opportunities based specifically on race. Yet if a “White only” program or college was created it would be torn apart by the media. Where is White history month ? Well it can’t exist due to the diversity within people who have a white skin tone. So by creating statements like Whites are  Privileged is absurd.

By continuously creating issues based on race we keep racism alive. Instead adopt the fact we are all Americans and all of our lives matter. This is how you get rid of racism , stop making things about race or skin color and stop awarding privilege to those who are of a certain race.

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