Nefarious Plans by Big Tech

Nefarious Plans by Big Tech

Everything you do online is tracked and profiled. You may think using different accounts or emails helps but it really doesn’t. Behind the scenes , your identity is being built and sold. The type of information collected is everything from your political stance , the products you buy , places you travel , photography you take , who you talk to , and even your conversations outside of being online. Notice how nearly everything you do is setup to be recorded in some way ?

People are being targeted over their political beliefs , losing their jobs and work history over allegations or statements. This building and profiling of people’s information is being used to censor people who hold different values. Post a conservative view point on some website ? Well now Facebook and Twitter have an eye on you.

The way to fight this is to educate yourselves , refuse to buy content from companies such as Ubisoft who support the censorship of speech. Boycott Facebook , and Twitter. Try using Duck Duck Go instead of Google. Do not stand for the censorship of each other – left or right. Speak up – protest to remove speech restrictions from corporations.

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