Voter Fraud – The Quest for Fairness

Voter Fraud – The Quest for Fairness  

The mainstream media seems to be in denial of election fraud or even some mishaps. Not acknowledging very clear evidence of irregularities going on is wrong to both parties.

There are many things that are still ongoing. Such as resolving how Biden got 150,000 votes after counting stopped on election night in Michigan. I’m not saying to buy into the republican narrative ,despite them having very valid concerns. Think for a minute if this was the other way around. Fraud would be screamed and rightfully so. We as American people deserve to have these things under scrutiny. If we let things go without them being watched , security gets lax. You can compare this to the workplace. Let’s say your work place has strict policies on dress code. Despite this, it’s rarely enforced; so people are going to pay less and less attention to observing the policy. Laws work this way to , they go out of trend and are usually lost in the books or no longer enforced. 

We don’t want this to happen to the elections. They need to be fair for everyone involved.

Our voting systems should NOT be based overseas , observation windows should NOT be covered. Requiring ID to vote is not racist and would ensure actual counts. It’s a simple matter to make a voter ID number and it could be renewed the same way your license or ID is. Despite what you feel for your reasons , it’s about what the people want. Neither party should be cheating or hostile to the other.

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