Don’t Let Social Media “Fact Check” Your Life

Left or Right – Don’t Let Social Media “Fact Check”  Your Life

You have a right to your opinion, yes , even if it’s a stupid one.

People also have a right to argue your opinion in public or private forum.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are trying to take this away from you.

Some leftist agree with the removal of free speech and the “fact checking” of information. Despite this here are some reasons why neither side should allow for this.

Censoring people’s opinion and thoughts is counter productive to both those holding the belief or those debating it. It deprives either party of growing their belief and challenging it. Debating a believer or idea is important to growing as a person. Censoring one side or the other does neither any good. By censoring either side you create a bubble in which new thoughts and ideas are pushed aside. If you want change for one reason or another it will never happen by living in a bubble.

Most issues are hardly one sided and have multiple components to consider. As an example let’s choose abortion. Some would argue pro- choice and some would argue pro-life. After debating this topic an acceptable solution might be to allow for choice when regarding serious medical issues and rape. However there should also be readily available and easy to obtain contraception options for both men and women ( regardless of age). Nothing is 100% fool proof but this seems like the most rational option for meeting what both sides want ; without sacrificing morality.

Part of growing as a human being is to challenge and check your beliefs. This is what both sides seem to fall short on. Listening to each other will create the type of society where authoritarianism does not rule , but discussion and thought are encouraged. Rather than showing hate , try listening , you will find most people just want to live their lives and feel valued.

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