Covid-19 – Travel Safety Tips

Covid-19 – The Holidays and How To Travel Safely Should you travel for the holidays ? – Many Democratic politicians are saying absolutely not. How many of you are planning to go somewhere else for Thanksgiving ? Likely many people will. Let’s take the politics out of it and look at how you can do this with the least risk possible.

1. Plan your route and try to drive if you can. By avoiding public transportation you reduce your risk of being exposed to infected individuals. If you must use public transportation wearing a face shield , gloves , and goggles would likely be helpful.

2. Pack your food and drinks, the less you need to expose yourself to possible infection the better. No one wants to kill grandma over that gas station hotdog. If you cannot do this , look for clean areas and plan your stops in less infected areas.

3. If you need to get gas , pay with your card , then sanitize your hands.

4. If possible have your festivities outdoors. 5. If you feel sick , stay home. 6. Get tested before you go , this way you can ensure you are not endangering anyone. Share this with your family and friends ! Have a safe and fun holiday !

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