Minimum Wage Workers : Unskilled Until Essential

Minimum Wage Workers – Unskilled Until Essential

The argument is often heard that minimum wage workers are working unskilled or easy jobs.

These positions are often looked down upon. Many of the workers have requested higher wages. The majority of these workers are often on government assistance in addition to working 40 + hours a week.

Some would argue that these are entry level jobs designed for high school students and those new to the workforce. This argument had a small amount of ground before the pandemic hit the world. Since then many of these workers have been deemed essential employees . In most cases they have not seen an increase in pay or additional benefits ; despite putting their health at risk by continuing a public service job at this time.

The thing here to consider , how unskilled are these workers when even during a pandemic they are essential to business operations. This would imply their positions are necessary for the business to function. More than anything before this very fact should show their worth and increase of wages. They are unable to work from home , have to be on time , and often have to deal with conflicting situations involving customers being sick or co workers becoming sick.

Keep this in mind the next time you get a cheeseburger or go to a corporate store the fact those people endure the challenges when everyone else stays home or you get to work your high paying job in your own space. In other-words everyone’s time is valuable and they should be paid fairly.

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