Biden Policies – Why they are terrible.

Biden Purposed Policies – Why They are Terrible.

Abortion Overseas – Tax payer funded

Supporting the murder of unborn children through tax-payer dollars overseas. This obviously is a horrible idea if you value human life. Personal responsibility is the solution. Wear masks save lives but kill the babies. Sound reasoning.

College Loan Forgiveness  

Tax payer dollars going to pay for people’s degree choices. This is indiscriminate on people who decide to take degrees such as Gender Studies which have no application. This problem runs deeper in allowing government funding for non productive degrees with no employment channels. If these where not funded this would help the degrees and tax payer money being spent to fund them. Meanwhile colleges and universities can keep increasing costs without reason.

Mask Mandate

Support the killing of children both on home ground and overseas but force a mandate to reduce fatalities of a virus with a 99.7% survival rate. Again this is certainly a logical fallacy and a gross violation of people’s freedom . This also harms those unable to wear masks due to medical conditions.


  1. Abortion should be banned except in extreme circumstances due to medical reasons. Rape is a possibility, but I don’t have a solution for that one. There are enough birth control methods now that an unwanted pregnancy should not occur. If it does, do the responsible thing and have the child. Take care of the child or give it up for adoption.

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  2. Love your line, “Wear masks save lives but kill the babies. Sound reasoning.” What part of that do they not understand?, I wonder. Excellent article, Steve, as are they all. We must have been joined at the brain because I agree 100% with what you write.

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