Voter Fraud – Trump Blows the Lid off of Election Security

Voter Fraud – Trump Blows the Lid off of Election Security

The Left Wing media has been constantly and persistently pushing the notation that voted fraud , could not , and did not happen. There was no rigging of the election and Trump is planning a coupe. They continued this narrative and named Joe Biden the president elect.Biden claims he wants unity and peace.

Meanwhile outside of the left bubble various causes for concern have arisen. Many of you have likely heard about the windows being covered up and Republican over-seers not being allowed into watch the voting machines. Some other concerns have shown strange ballot deliveries and the counts going up in very unusual ways. Much of this is hard to prove was malicious or able to rig the election in such a way to make a difference. This left us with concerns and theories of fraud that was difficult to prove. That all changed today.

Dominion voting software which has strong ties to the Clinton Foundation and Pelosi , has been shown to not only be entirely insecure, but previously shown to be concerns of Republicans and Democrats due to the security of the system. Texas was one of the first to question it. Due to the structure of the QR codes on the ballots they can be easily copied . If that is not enough for you the Dominion software being used is connected to a server in Frankfurt Germany. Malware was found on the server recording user information. From that point it becomes simple to change the votes however a person would choose. On top of that it’s just as easy to remove all forensic traces of it.  This is not something that is a glitch or small issue such as missing an update. There are NO security regulations for voting machines.

With all of this brought forward it becomes very very difficult to have confidence in elections.The results and developments will be followed closely as this progresses.

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