Follow the Science : Unless you are a Politician

Over the past few months we have all been dealing with lockdowns , violence, and heated political arguments largely due to extremely biased news outlets. One of the most heated debates is over the extent that this virus has disrupted our lives. Through the pushing of false reports , illogical fear , and people’s assertions of pushing their fear onto others ; people turn to the government to show them what they should do.

Follow the science ! This is a statement heard almost daily from left wing politicians and seems to be right in line with telling the citizens what to do , how to do it, and who to do it with. For the purpose of saving lives we can all agree that taking some precautions, such as not going out or going to work when you are sick, is certainly necessary. During the first few months of this pandemic , we didn’t know the scope of the issue. There was much uncertainty and worry surrounding how dangerous this was. Several months later , we have now figured out that the fatality rate of this virus is less than 1%. Something some could argue is not worth the extreme measures we have taken.

With a vaccine on the rise of deployment; things are looking up and many are wanting to return to normal. Despite this we are being told to cancel our holiday plans , stop travel , stop everything. Over the past few months our lockdowns and social issues have destroyed many people’s lives. We must ask ourselves , is it worth it ? According the Chicago Mayor she addresses a large crowd of people telling them to celebrate the election result. She then turns around and tells people to canceled their Holiday plans. It has been shown in data reported from nearly every country in the world ; masks and lockdowns do not work. In nearly all cases rates of infection increased significantly after these things where instituted. It has gotten to the point where people are being told to not play loud music to avoid singing or yelling.

The concept of giving up the reasons we live for a 99.9% recovery rate is absurd.This is quite blatantly an attempt to control the people through fear. We face death everyday. The cars we drive in , many other dangerous diseases and viruses , our interactions with others , and even natural causes. If you are at risk see if someone will maybe buy your groceries for you or contact public officials with your concerns. This is where the government can help ; by allowing you to stay home from your public sector job , or make other arrangements so you have an income to live on. Don’t fall for the panic and fear. Read the CDC website yourself and see how they literally admit to fabricating the number of deaths based on estimation. Hospitals are reporting false deaths to increase funding. This is an easily proven fact. Do your research and make your own choices, if you want to wear a mask do it ; if you don’t then don’t. Freedom is making your own choices of acceptable risk.

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