Fact Checkers : Social Media the End of Democracy

Social Media Creating the Destruction of Human Rights & Democracy
Fact Checking – In theory this is a good idea. By using this as a tool to stop the spread of misinformation ; it is believed people will have access to only true and unbiased information.
Within the last few months , the rise of Fact Checking has run rampant throughout all forms of social media. The core idea of accurate information does not pose an issue by itself. The problem presents itself when there is no one to check the Fact Checkers.
What accountability do they have ? Are their intentions to push a narrative to their liking?
Recent events show , very clearly that fact checking can be used to censor information that does not fit the bias of the Fact Checkers.
In light of recent events , fact checking across social media has shown itself to be incredibly biased and misleading. Twitter for example ; has taken the right upon itself to censor the president of the United States. Posts and “Tweets” are tagged as false or misleading despite that not being the case.
In some cases the spread of wrongful information can be dangerous , such as cleaning your car with a raw chicken breast . This could lead to several dangerous health complications. Most people would laugh this off as the joke it was intended to be . Some people however, will take this seriously. A foot note indicating this is a joke would be fine enough. Fact Checkers have taken something like this and taken it upon themselves to push a leftist narrative , including blocking people from posting and sharing due to what they deem as false. This is the case even on developing stories in which information changes frequently.
This is where the bias comes in , certain news outlets and people of a leftist political position remain un- touched by fact checking. The leftist media has announced the presidential elect before he was selected in any official capacity.Yet this remains as truth according to the Fact Checkers. They have even gone as far to push the narrative and cut off the Press Secretary , Kayleigh McEnany. This was done on live TV in the middle of her speaking. When independent “Fact Checkers” decide what the President of the United States can share and talk about; they are over reaching.
Nothing is in place to hold these organizations accountable.Social Media companies such as Facebook, Twitter , and Youtube has given Fact Checkers tremendous power to censor speech as they choose. It then becomes evident ; the strong divide in the country is due to the censorship of opposing views and allowing a bias to dictate truth to the masses.

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