Social Media – The Real Epidemic

The Real Pandemic – Government & Corporate Failure
Many people are suffering due to the pandemic. While the virus itself is still looming , many people are facing other very serious concerns. People are losing their jobs , businesses, and opportunities because of the way the government has decided to deal with this pandemic.
Lockdowns have lead to business shut downs , lay-offs , and income deficits all over the country.
The solution to save lives by shutting things down is not effective for the majority as has become apparent. Working from home is a great solution despite it’s problems it still works out. However many Americans do not have this luxury. Single parents for example have no access to child care during the day due to school shutdowns and neither do households where parents both have to work. Most of the time these families used the public school system or day care to watch over their children. Many schools have been shut down or moved to online schooling.
Online schooling can work very well when it’s implemented properly. However this is not often the case. We suffer from a technological divide in which a large majority of people have little to no competence with even basic computer operations . This means many parents and educators are struggling to keep up and effectively present information to the students. On top of this there have been cases of people enforcing their political stance upon children and their at home environments. As a bonus parents also have to pay for high speed internet. There have also been the issue of school issued laptops being used to spy on students outside of class time.
Many small businesses have been forced to close their doors due to lockdowns and restrictions. Chemicals used for disinfection and such as well as simply not being able to be open ; have led to being unable to pay bills or employees. If there is no operations then there should be no bills , is a view point I have often heard. Certainly anyone who claims this has never run a business . You’ve got product going to waste or being given away , you have to keep the heat on in certain areas to avoid pipes from freezing. This is before you have to pay a default amount of bills just for the building having service connections and taxes. Those that have been able to remain open must fight with delayed supply chains , increased costs of operations , and lower amounts of income . While this is not entirely limited to small businesses, the results are devastating to some airline companies ( and others) which are now laying off a huge number of workers.
Despite all of these issues , and many more threatening people’s well being; the government has shown an entire lack of economic support being provided to the citizens. Regardless of cost or whatever excuse politicians like to throw around , this needs to be corrected. I encourage you to speak up using social media and phone lines with your concerns and let the voice of the people be heard. Whatever your political stances – I think we can all agree everyone deserves to be able to work or provide for their family in some way.
What You Can Do Yourself:

  1. Offer to those with health issues or of an older age to pickup and deliver their groceries for
  2. Offer to watch your neighbors kids , especially those who are single parents. If you live in a
    suburb or community in which this is possible .
  3. If you can afford it , pay someone to rake leaves or shovel snow etc. People can use the extra
    income and if you have it to spare this helps people .
  4. Home schooling is not a bad idea to those who are capable. Schools can also bring in temporary online instructors to help facilitate the lack of teachers.

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